Online Keno At Big Dollar Casino

Real money online keno is playing the lottery on demand. You pick your numbers, wait for the casino to draw a series of numbers, and then get paid on how many you guessed correctly. Lottery draws are still one of the most-watched draws in the world. The sole reason for this is that they give players the chance of winning millions just by picking the right numbers. Keno is one of the most popular casino games you can find online.

Only a few lucky players have actually won the life-changing lottery, so the dream of one day striking it rich is still alive. Because casinos can’t necessarily offer jackpots worth millions of dollars, they do the next best game – Keno. With online keno, players can enjoy the thrill that comes with drawing new numbers anytime they want to. Each draw comes with the potential to win huge sums of money each time a new set of numbers is drawn.

How to Play Keno Online

Online keno for real money is an easy game to play because the goal is the same, pick numbers (also known as spots) that they hope will be chosen in the next drawing. Here’s how to get started in the game of online keno:

  • Choose a keno game: If you’re new to the world of online keno, then try playing for free. This is a risk-free way of learning and practicing. When you’re ready to play online, we recommend playing at a secure and trusted online casino.
  • Pick your keno numbers: During a draw, 20 numbers are picked in a range between 1 and 80. You can make up to 15 picks, with different prizes available depending on how many spots you choose to play.
  • Know your odds before placing bets: It’s important to know how betting odds affect your chances of winning big. For example, if you choose one number and that number is chosen, you might win at 3-1 odds.
  • Place your bets: With online keno games, you can adjust the amount you want to bet by clicking on the ‘bet’ button on the game screen and make your bets.
  • Decide how many keno games you want to play: before hitting the ‘Play’ button, you must specify how many games you’d like to play.
  • Look at your online keno ticket: Once you’ve chosen your spots, the results will be based on how many numbers match those that appear on your keno ‘ticket’. If you picked enough keno numbers that match correctly, you can win various cash payouts depending on the game you’ve chosen to play.

Types of Keno Games

Real money keno has the potential to be profitable. Your selected keno numbers and a bit of luck can result in a massive payout. A range of keno games is available at online casinos, some offering a mix of fun themes that come with big payouts. Here are the most popular types of keno games to play online:

  • Classic Keno: A straightforward game with 20 winning numbers, classic keno allows you to choose between 2 and 10 numbers from the online keno card.
  • Themed Keno: This type of game is more entertaining than the classic variant thanks to improved visuals that make them fun.
  • Multi-Card Keno: This is a unique version, where you can have up to 20 online keno cards per round. All the cards will have the same bet and chosen numbers.
  • Progressive Jackpot Keno: These are the thrilling games with jackpots that increase with every bet. The prizes can be unlocked randomly or be awarded as bonus payouts.
  • Multiplier Keno: With this variant, you can add a bonus multiplier for a larger bet. The multiplier is selected randomly before the draw and can range from 1.5x to 10x.
  • Keno Live: online keno games are played live with multiple players. The draws can be presented by live dealers or automated just like your high-end bingo games.

When it comes to selecting an online casino game, don’t be scared to try out new versions that offer extras like multipliers or go for themed games for more entertainment. Keno payouts are also important when picking a game. Another cool part about keno is that it’s the perfect mobile casino game as most games are compatible with iPhone and Android.