Real Money Slots at Big Dollar Casino

Real money online slots are casino games that not only come with entertainment accompanied by impressive jackpots. It’s no secret that every player dreams of playing online slots and winning real money! It’s also no surprise that out of all the online casino games available, online slots with real money are the most popular choice of games to play online.

With so many slot games available and new ones being added by software providers monthly, it can make it harder to pick the best online slot game to play. Players have different reasons for their choices, some go for slots entertainment based on budget and taste.

Some players prefer classic slots, whistle others go for branded slot games. Some players prefer fixed jackpot games, while others who live on the wild side dream of hitting the jackpot on progressives and go for those games.

How to Choose a Real Money Slot?

So you’ve just signed in at Big Dollar Casino, you’re ready to play a slot game, but are now faced with the task of choosing 1 out of at least 300 options? It’s easy to click the first game that catches your eye, but there are a couple of thighs you might want to consider first. Here’s what you should keep in mind when choosing to play online slots for real money.

Game Developer – There are dozens of game developers that provide real money slots to players online. Remember that not all are created equally. Some providers focus on classic gameplay, some are experimental, while others focus on amazing graphics. Narrow your choices by looking for the games of a specific manufacturer, look at reviews and try the free play mode to get a feel of the games.

RTP – Payout percentage or return to player is the next thing to think about. This percentage basically shows you how much money you’ll be paid back on average in the long term. Choose slots with either; a 95% or 97% RTP because going for the bigger value is always better.

High Stakes vs Low Stakes – Tons of players love to play big, while some just want to have fun. Whatever your choice might be, finding the best real money slots online will increase the entertainment you’ll get out of it. Look for slots that allow high stakes where you can bet big per spin to win-win really big.

Gameplay – When it comes to graphics, you either like it or, you don’t and, this can be seen in the preview. Gameplay is a bit harder to figure out, some slots are simple, you press the spin button and wait for the win, while others require a skill. Read the slot rules to help you through the plot and get an understanding of the features that add to the winnings.

Different kinds of Real Online Slots for Money

The beauty of online slots is that they come in different shapes and sizes. The diversity of real money slots lies in the bonus features, themes, jackpots, software providers, betting options, number of reels, and the number of paylines. Here are the different kinds of real money slots you can play:

Three Reel Slots: These are well-known classic slots. Generally, they have 1-3 paylines which, makes them an affordable choice for players. The jackpot is usually low, but these three spinning reels can be great fun.

Five Reel Slots: These usually have 10-50 paylines giving players the choice of wagering on any number they want. They are also the most popular types of slot games you can find at an online casino.

Seven Reel Slots: These types are not as popular as the 3-reel or 5-reel and; in most cases, some casinos don’t offer them.

Nine Reel Slots: These types are also rare to find at online casinos. What makes them cool is the ability to win diagonal, horizontal, and, vertical combinations meaning they give you more winning combinations.

Bonus Slots: The best part about online slot games is that many offer a bonus round. The rounds give you extra rewards when unlocked by landing three or more specific symbols. These are usually a scatter, wild, or bonus symbols on the reels. The bonus rounds vary from game to game as some come with an option of picking a symbol to reveal a prize which could be anything from free spins or multipliers.

Progressive Slots: Progressive slot jackpots have a prize pool that increases over time. A percentage of the money wagered by the player is pooled into the Jackpot. This jackpot continues to grow until it’s hit by a lucky player! You will need to wager the maximum amount to be in the running of winning the jackpot.

It doesn’t matter which game you choose to play. Always consider regular wins, bonus rounds, wild symbols, scatter symbols, free spins, bonus features, and jackpots. Then ask yourself which are important to you as this will be the reason behind your chosen online slots choices. If you’re interested in play slots the best online casino, look no further!